A seat at the table

One of the most motivating trends that I experienced recently in my career is the deserved merit to the Public Affairs professionals. We are not at the best level but we have gain a “seat at the table”. We are involved in all strategic announcements, we know in advance about divestitures, sales, key projects and the CEOs ask for our counseling. Our profession is hard; we dedicate so many hours to make the best use of communications, to choose the right word to the right situation and to the right stakeholders. We are there in crisis; we are the support everyday for simple employee communications to a letter to a deputy asking for changes in the law that will benefit our company – and, in theory, the society. We are the ones that need to believe first. After, we need to make all employees believe. Often we are Human Resources, we are the middle managers in distinct areas, we are the speakers and we prepare the speakers. We get desperate when our CEO changes the prepared speech; we get desperate when he or she makes unfortunate comments in an employee forum. We are the vigilantes, the visible faces. This is tiring, but much more exciting than ever. Ideally we should be as well at the origin of the key decisions. We will arrive there.

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