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I was born in a family that loved and loves the words. My father worked all his life as a journalist (newspaper and chief press officer of FIESP, the most powerful industry federation of Brazil) and we studied in the same University. He is also a poetry and wrote four books. My mother was a professor of Portuguese, English and French.

Books, dictionaries and comics were inherent part of my life so it was not a surprise to my parents when I told them I wanted to be a journalist having started to write short poems at 8 years old.

I had the chance to cover industry topics during my career, having the happy coincidence to meet my father providing information about industry productions and evolution of the State of São Paulo. In the pictures below, my father with his old writing machine and the computer:

Claudia & dad

After experiencing a variety of jobs in the traditional media, in 2005/2006 I decided to start a new journey in “the other side”: companies.

I believe my previous experience helps me a lot in my current work, especially when it comes to flexibility, short deadline and especially my writing skills, but Corporate Communications opened a new world to me, a fascinating one, with challenges of handling positive and “negative” (shutdowns, divestitures, restructuring) projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility, Government Affairs and relations with academia/universities are the areas that interest me most nowadays.

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